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My Qualitys


I envision a world led by empowered human beings who are CONSCIOUSLY LEADING their….

My Secret

Leadership skills can be learnt! LEADERS are not born, they are made!. You can make …

My wish

I would love to share with you my wisdom, knowledge and experience so that you too can …


Raising Humanity’s Consciousness through Coaching,

Healing, & Mentoring …

Alienta Coaching

We train the leaders of the 21st century: conscious, inspiring, emotionally intelligent leaders who will be transforming our organisations into flourishing business able to contribute to a more sustainable future. We use the T.E.I.L. methodology (Training the Emotionally Intelligent Leader) created by AlientaCoaching´s founder José Luis Fuentes…



It is true, that some people are born with stronger leadrship skills than others, the same as some people can draw, write, sing… yet these skills can also be learnt.

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