Alienta Coach | Love Unboxed
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Love Unboxed

‘Love Unboxed’ is a compilation of inspiring stories from 25 women who have chosen to move from their past stories of unhealthy, unhappy relationships that didn’t serve them to a more fulfilling life. They are women of different background and reside in different countries around the world. Our personal stories are powerful change making tools and these women are on a mission to impact a life.

The goal of this anthology is to have worldwide reach and to enter the hand of that woman who needs to read the stories contained in this book. She would find, courage, inspirations, encouragement to set herself apart. She would take action for new heights. No more hiding. It is time to Unleash her potential.

TRUE LOVE ROAD´is my personal love story. A journey of love and self-discovery, adventures, travels, passion and pain, which normally go hand in hand.

It´s not easy to open up and share something so intimate with the world, yet somehow it feels liberating and deeply humbling to let it out and know that it may inspire other people.

My Heart wrote the story with you, the woman who is going to dive into it, in Mind. With the vision to heal, help, inspire and empower other women in similar situations or with similar characteristics.