Alienta Coach | My dream & My Purpose
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Every single person becomes a leader, a CONSCIOUS LEADER and that

Every business becomes a CONSCIOUS BUSINESS.

I envision a world led by the following values

Where LOVE and COMPASSION are at the forefront of every decision, every action

  • Collaboration

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Unity

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Innovation

  • Inspiration

  • Equanimity


Gema Ramirez


I believe everyone is a leader. We all lead our lives, whether we know it or not. Parents lead, teachers lead, nurses lead, shop keepers lead. We all lead in all spheres of life. The challenge is that not everyone leads consciously, from the Heart. Not everyone is fully aware that each one is the leader of their own life.


  • INSPIRE by example, they know that motivation comes from within each person
  • take RESPONSIBILITY for their own life
  • are concerned about other people´s WELL-BEING as well as their own
  • lead from the HEART and use the MIND to make decisions that include the whole, not just for their own benefit
  • are driven by a PURPOSE, a VISION or a DREAM that goes beyond their human nature and that includes the whole of humanity and the planet and they go out to achieve it fearlessly
  • live to leave a LEGACY for others to learn from and embrace so that they can also contribute to the positive evolution of Humanity.


The same principle applies to Businesses. The main purpose of most businesses nowadays is still to make profit at any cost. Normally at the cost of their employees´ happiness and  the well-being of the planet, their main purpose is to make more and more money and achieve more and more power regardless of the disastrous consequences. This is no longer sustainable. This has to stop.


  • puts their employees and customers first
  • is concerned about the employees´ HAPPINESS, work/life BALANCE and that their life and work has a PURPOSE
  • creates solutions, processes, procedures and products that not only are SUSTAINABLE and bring no harm to the planet, they even go beyond and ensure that the Conscious Business´actions BRING GOOD to all and positive answers to the current planetary challenges.

Becoming CONSCIOUS LEADERS and Building CONSCIOUS BUSINESSES have to be done from LOVE and with COMPASSION, from the premises of SELF-LOVE first, then the LOVE for Humanity and our Planet and beyond.


My Mission, my LIFE PURPOSE in order to contribute to this vision, to this dream is fulfilled with:

  • PERSONAL & ONLINE: My SWEET BLUE Business. I work with people who are +100% committed. My sessions are a combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Healing. I use my intuition to adapt the session to the needs of the moment and of the person in front. My Coaching Program ´Flourish & Shine´ takes the person to the next level they see themselves at while raising their awareness and consciousness and therefore supporting them to lead a more fulfilled and joyful life.
  • CORPORATE WORLD: I am the UK Director of AlientaCoaching. We bring to businesses a powerful Coaching programs based on Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Leadership with the addition of the very effective high impact training techniques.
  • ALTRUISM: I am the chairman of the Shambhala Trust, a non-profit, educational foundation with the Vision of Raising Consciousness. We support those who are not in an abundance mindset with healing, coaching, mentoring and teachings.
  • SPEAKING: I speak at global events delivering the message of my global vision.
  • WRITING: I enjoy contributing in social media and in my own blog with inspirational gems that contribute to raising consciousness, opening minds and hearts to new perspectives. I am one of the authors of the book ´Love Unboxed´, which aims to help women raising their Consciousness, Self-Love and Self-Worth.