Alienta Coach | Who i have become
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My name is Gema Ramírez and I am:


  • Founder and owner of Sweet Blue, a global organisation dedicated to raising humanity´s consciousness through Coaching, Healing, Mentoring and Information Sharing.
  • Director of AlientaCoaching UK, a company dedicated to Coaching & Leadership Training, inspiring people and organisations to add Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and a Conscious approach to their Leadership styles.
  • Chairman of Shambhala Trust, an educational non-profit organisation dedicated to raising Conscious Awareness and supporting those who have not an abundance mindset.
  • I am a Visionary. I Open Hearts. I Open Minds.
  • I am a Coach. I am a Mentor.
  • I am a Healer. I am a Traveller. 
  • I am a Catalyst for Spiritual Change.
  • I am a Speaker. I am an Inspirational Author.

Passionate about self-development from an early age, I live to facilitate transformation in myself and others.

Spirituality plays a key part of who I am and I integrate my spiritual side in all that I do, in order to offer an integral and holistic approach to business and life in general.

I learnt from my Spiritual teachers to live from the Heart. True and lasting Healing and Transformation takes places within your Open Heart. It is in your Open Heart where Wisdom can be reached, Divine Love can be felt and Joy can be embodied. I wish to share the gift of the Open Heart with you and help you achieve greater levels of Happiness and Wellbeing.

I believe that the future of humanity depends on attaining a level of consciousness that will allow us to live together in Harmony and Peace. For this, we all have the responsibility to achieve that within ourselves first.

The evolution long awaited and that we are now living is the Evolution of Consciousness, from living in the Mind to Living from the Heart, with Conscious Awareness, with Love, with Compassion.

We are witnessing, contributing to and living a Spiritual Revolution.


I was born in Madrid, Spain and grew up in Cádiz, Spain. After studying at Business School and languages, I emigrated to the UK where I lived and worked for over 20 years. I have lived in Manchester, Snowdonia, London, Birmingham, Belfast and Glastonbury and have travelled all across the UK.

Travelling has been another of my passions. I have travelled extensively, for pleasure, for work, for business and for personal development to many countries: all around the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales), Northern Ireland, Europe (Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, … . I have visited many of the highly spiritual places on Earth, like Luxor, Giza and Philae in Egypt; Abadania in Brazil; I lived in Glastonbury, UK, the Heart Chakra of the world; Mt. Shasta, a magical mountain in California; Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, where I felt a very strong connection and memories of happy past lives.


Professionally, I have over 20 years of working in the corporate world, in the UK and Belgium, mostly in the fields of Change Management, Team Leadership and IT Training,

I have worked for global blue chip companies like Cisco Systems, IBM, HP and AstraZeneca. My professional passions are Conscious Business, Conscious Leadership, Leading Conscious Change, Training and Coaching.

In 2016 I became a certified Coach, left the 9-5 job and started my own Coaching Business.

Since then, I have founded Sweet Blue, started a partnership with AlientaCoaching, bringing the brand to the UK, have co-authored my first book ´Love Unboxed´and have become a public speaker. I inherited from my Spiritual Teacher the Shambhala Trust, which I now run in Glastonbury with another trustee.


I also trained as a therapist and healer. I became a Reiki Master and a Magnified Healing Master Teacher. I ran a Healing Retreat for 3 years where I also worked as a Reflexologist, Indian Head Massage Therapist and Magnified Healing Consultant.

I have lived, studied and modelled some of the most profound teachers I have met, have read countless of books on Spirituality and Consciousness. All this preparation has given me a great understanding and a holistic view of the human being that makes my Coaching integral and holistic yet following the school of John Whitmore and José Luis Fuentes.


My passion has become my niche: contribute to RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS for humanity and the planet and OPENING HEARTS AND MINDS.

With my work with Sweet Blue, AlientaCoaching and Shambhala Trust, I intend to share with you all my experiences, my knowledge and wisdom, my healing energy, my Heart and the whole of my Being to assist you in your quest for your next step, for your life purpose or for the Mastery of your Destiny.

This is what I can share with you from the fullness of my being and with my whole Heart:

  • I have learnt about Abundance and I would love to share with you all my wisdom on how to transform your mindset to receive Abundance
  • I have spent many years training and reading about spirituality, putting into practice everything I have learnt in order to have a more

fulfilling life, feeling better about myself, being a happier person and achieving inner peace. I would love to share this wisdom with you

  • Working in the corporate world for high blue chip companies has shown me the challenges, the culture, the personal issues that the workers encounter on a day to day basis, the constant change, the lack of motivation, the need for inspiration, the difficulties in getting on with that promotion… I would love to accompany you to discover your strengths, your passions, your purpose and find the keys that can make you happier at work.
  • I have many years of experience in corporate Training and Change Management. I strongly believe that the business world can be the leader in creating a better world by using conscious business practices. I can share with you my expertise in leadership, change management, training and the move from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, in a conscious way.


  • Business and Personal Coach with Emotional Intelligence

  • Firewalking and High Impact Training Instructor

  • Conscious Business Change Agent

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Change Management Prosci Prastitioner

  • TAP IT Training Delivery and course Design

  • Reiki Master

  • Magnifies Healing Master Teacher

  • Reflexology and Indian Head Massage


Through my Spiritual teachers I learnt that generosity is one of the key to happiness. I am an altruist and has collaborated over the years with many associations, with financial resources, time and work and all my LOVE.

In addition to my own charity, the Shambhala Trust, I am the Country Coordinator for Spain for Humanity´s Team, a global, online organisation dedicated to spreading the message of ONENESS in all spheres of life.

My work is shred through the following streams:

  • Sweet Blue: I founded this organisation to offer my Coaching sessions and Programs. Here you will find many free resources in the School of Consciousness and also information about my Trust.
  • AlientaCoaching: I am the proud Director of the UK branch.

We bring Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Leadership to organisations and leaders worldwide.

  • Shambhala Trust: an educational foundation dedicated to the raising of consciousness
  • Writing: My first book ´Love Unboxed´ was released on format on February 2nd.
  • Public Speaking: I give talks around the UK inspiring people to raise in Love and Consciousness.
  • Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn: I enjoy sharing my insights and my personal life on my blog on this website, on Facebook and on LinkedIn. The purpose and intention on doing this is to INSPIRE those who I reach, to create CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION, to be an example of a HAPPY and FULFILLED life.